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Windows 10

Java JDK 11.0.12

Rapidclipse 10.4.0

After installing Rapidclipse X, I create a new project. Then create a new GUI element named Test.java. Rapidclipse presents the file Test.ui.xml with a HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error.

When I manually open Test.java using "Rapidclipse GUI Editor", I am presented with the normal "GUI canvas". However, I cannot add any visual components to the canvas. Example - drag a Horizontal Layout to canvas and I get the circle with slash that implies "not allowed".

If I reopen the file Test.ui.xml and try to drag a componet to canvas with error status 500 message, I see the normal box that represents a component being dragged, but component does not appear on canvas which is expected but the circle with slash does not appear. 

I have re-installed Rapidclipse more than once and on more than one PC. I get the same behavior as described above.

Does anyone have a solution?

Update - I now realize that it is normal to have the file Test.ui.xml to be opened and use this as the canvas to drag components upon (different that prior versions) but I still have "Status 500" error and cannot drag components.

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Please check Rapidclipse Framework Version in POM.xml!

Version 11 ist not compatible to version RC 10.4. The ugly trap is - the RC Update 11 is offered - any time you start the RC IDE. You have to cancel this offer! In this Forum there is a more detailed question in German.

Status 500" error is typical for this incompatibility!

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Thank you for your assistance.

my POM.XML has the following entry:


What is the correct maven dependency?

Updated - the following is the correct maven dependency for version 10.4.0":
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